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Coronavirus:how should our life after lockdown

Severe changes to our habits have impel us to alter our social patterns and re-evaluate our relationships – the effects of which could continue into our lives after lockdown.
We already know that lockdown is already relaxed in Bangladesh. Here are 18 health regulations that must be followed to cope with the coronavirus.

1.According to the World Health Organization, seventy percent corona prevent keys of the hand washing. So when you go out, take a small soap or sanitizer with 70 percent alcohol. Keep some tissue paper or a clean handkerchief. If you have a chance wash your hands with soap and water. If not, use a sanitizer.

2. Masks have a 20 percent role in preventing corona. Therefore, It is  mandatory to wearing a mask when leave your home. Similarly, wearing a mask in the office.Select a triple layer mask and also a quite large size.However, if you have difficulty in heat.

3. Don’t hang mask under your chin. Mask will not work if your nose and mouth aren’t cover together. After returning home, wash the cotton cloth mask with soapy water and dry it.

4. Practice walking without getting on public transport as much as possible at this moment. Use a rickshaw or bicycle if necessary. When you leave home try to wear full sleeve shirt, T-shirt or Punjabi.

5. Try to maintain a distance.It’s best to keep a distance of more than 6 feet. Or at least 3 feet. Also be careful when using elevators and ATM booths.
6. It is better to have glasses. If not, wear sunglasses.Because even with the eyes, germs can be enter.

7. Wear gloves if you need to touch money. When wearing a gloves, mouth and nose touch tendency is comparatively less. Moreover, after wearing gloves reduces the direct connection of your hand to hand.

8. Regularly wash your sandals or shoes. Try to wear socks with shoes even if it hurts in the heat. Wear at least thin cotton socks.

9. Don’t use jewelry when you want to going outside. Because germs can stay on the metal for around five days. So It’s better to men’s not use watches, rings and belts. If you use money and wallet, clean your hands quickly with hand sanitizer.If you need to go out, leave your mobile at home, in case it’s not necessary . Don’t kiss and hugging children and adults when you back home.

10. Keep your own cup in the office. Wash in soapy water and drink tea or coffee in that cup. You can also spray Dettol, Savlon or Bleaching Powder mixed water for disinfectant on suspicious places inside and outside in the office and home.

11. Take the tiffin from home. Otherwise, eat fruits that have to be peeled. Occasionally you can eat packet biscuits or nuts. Open the packet, clean it and pour it in the wash dish, then wash your hands and eat.

12. From street or sidewalk eating food will not be okay at this time.

13. Take off your shoes and enter the room. It is better to have more than one pair of shoes. Wash shoes in soapy water, or spray disinfectant on feet and shoes, after that enter indoor. Then go straight to the bathroom, wash clothes, glasses in soapy-hot water, clean the mobile and wallet by soaking sanitizer in cotton, and wash yourself thoroughly with soap, shampoo and light hot water.

14. It’s better not to let workmen or other guests come to the house now.
15) We have to pay attention to healthy eating and drinking. Eat more vegetables and fruits which is rich in vitamins B and C. It’s better to take some medicines every day to increase immunity. Such as: Vitamin C (Tab Ceevit), Vitamin D (Cap D Rise 20000/40000 unit), Zinc (Tab Xinc) etc. Of course consult with a doctor.

16. Drink enough water. In this time don’t drink cold or freeze water. Drink warm water in the morning and at night before going to bed. Mixed vinegar or salt in hot water then Stir a few times with it .You can drink tea with ginger, black pepper, cloves more than once a day. You can also drink green tea. Its antioxidants reduce pneumonia and increase its effectiveness.

17. Light sunlight is very important. If you go for a walk in the morning, you can do exercise and also getting sun.

18. Must remember- eating nutritious easy-to-digest food, doing light exercise every day and seven to eight hours relatively good sleep, the immune system is just great.

Last words: Since the corona community infection has already started in Bangladesh, there is a risk of a massive increase in corona patients in Bangladesh in June. Therefore, there is no alternative for raising personal awareness to ensure the safety of oneself and one’s family.

Besides, people of every religion should follow their own religious rules. Muslims must perform various prayers every morning and evening, including Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, Ayatul Kursi, Surah Baqara and the last two verses of Surah Tawba, the last three verses of Surah Hashr. May the great Almighty Lord help us all.