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Genuine Eye makeup hacks should know every woman

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” ~ Sophia Loren

When we look at someone, we usually look at his eyes first. Eye makeup enhances the beauty of the face. Smooth makeup makes them look attractive. Here are some easy hacks related to eye makeup. You can apply this simply-

1. Urgently attend to a party straight from work? Well, you don’t need to carry your whole makeup shelf with you. Just take a shimmery liner and apply a layer of it on your regular liner to glam up immediately.

2. Heat the eyelash curler using your hairdryer before curling your lashes with it. It helps keep up the curl better and longer and is so much quicker. Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer before curling your eyelashes. Just like we use hot tools on our hair, we can also use heated eyelash curlers to help our eyelashes curl better.

3. Giving eyeliner to eye makeup is also a skill. Because eyeliner will give your eyes an extraordinary look. Eyeliner shape depending on your eyes shape. For round or small eyes, for example, it can be applied only on the outer corner or only on the upper leaf. Rub the pencil on the fingers first and make it a little softer. So that the eyes don’t hurt. If you put a little powder on the line drawn with an eye pencil, the line will not spread and will be long-lasting.

4. If your eyeliner has dried or gone losing, use your mascara as an eyeliner. Just, drop your eyeliner brush in the mascara tube and apply on your eyes.

5. If your eyeshadow is not as pigmented as you want. Simply, easy makeup hack is to apply white eyeshadow or eyeliner on the eyelids before layering the eyeshadow. This will make the eyeshadow colours look more prominent and glossy.

6. This easy eye makeup hack is great for those with small eyes. Want your eyes to seem larger, line your waterline with a white pencil instead of black eyeliner. You can also use a nude eye pencil. This creates the illusion of whites of your eyes extending further, hence making the eyes appear larger.

7. Don’t have eyeliner gel? Simply, heat the pointer of an eye pencil with lighter to soften it into an eyeliner gel. Use a liner brush to apply it.

8. If you want to learn the perfect eyeliner flick or smokey eyeshadow. Take help to common household articles. Use tape, spoon, business card, credit card or sticky notes as an instructor. For a smokey eye, when you remove the tape or sticky note, lightly blend the corner to remove the crank line.9. Prevent getting mascara on skinWhile applying mascara, hold a spoon to cover your eyelids and apply the mascara. Similarly, hold the spoon below your lower lash line while applying mascara. This will avoid the product getting on your skin.

10. Sexy lips include a clearly illustrated upper lip. You will complete this with the use of a lip pencil. If you want some correction, apply a little powder or corrector on your lips, and then draw a line to correct it. Of course, this doesn’t have to differ much from your natural lip line.

Now, admit that you liked these master hacks so much that you wish you knew them earlier?

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How to set financial goals and how you actually achieve them

Financial goal setting is essential to achieving the big vision you have for your life. We have a  lot of plans for our life. But dreams will come true when you really fight for them. success made by having a budget is no wonder.

Analysis has shown that setting goals are important to accomplishing success in every aspect of life. Including have sufficient finances. But it’s not enough to simply set objectives.

You need to make sure you’re getting the right goals, that you’re tracking your improvement, and that you’re taking the vital steps to set yourself up for achievement.The perfect goals will help you track the development you make towards your big conception.

If you don’t have goals, you don’t know what to do next. And there’s nothing like attaining an objective to get you fascinated about what you can attain next. It’s like fuel to your fire! 

In this article, we explore why is sitting financial goal is important, how to set them and then actually meet them with ease.

Why financial goal is important?

 “A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.” –Alexa Von Tobel

Unquestionably, it’s true that finance is the most important aspects of our life. If you sitting finance goal, it gives you something to work toward and assist you to stay inspired. Saving money and planning for a stable financial future is hard. It requires sacrifices, you can’t buy everything you want, and you may have to work harder to earn excess income. Unless you have a realistic reason — a Big Why — for those sacrifices, you’re far less likely to be able to do the hard work essential over the long term to accomplish big things. So if you have a goal, its encourage you, you will work harder to achieve which you set for yourself.

Here are six steps to set the success of your financial goals-

1. You have to need a clear state of what you want to achieve, by when, why you need and what you need to do every week or month to reach your goal. Because if you can’t measure it, how will you know your progress?

2. You need to Make out what matters to you. Then write your goals down on your notebook. What you want to achieve in your life. Then work hard and give a life them. They will more meaningful when see them in your notebook. It’s something magical.

3. Set a realistic goal. Which you may reach easily. It’s good to be an optimistic person but being a Pollyanna it’s not preferable. Similarly, while it might be a good thing to keep your financial goals a bit forceful, the cross of the line will definitely hurt your chances of fulfilling them. And also you should set both long term and short term goals, to make sure you become a success with your money. You have many things you hope to achieve financially. In fact, it often makes sense to break the latter down into smaller, more shortly attainable purposes so you can more easily trace your improvement and score quickly wins.

4.  Determine that which is the decent combination of directions to reach your objective and write them down.

5. Imagine in all directions you can attain that goal. Include saving, fewer expenses, gaining more money, or finding extra resources.

6. Monitor your progress towards attaining your goal.Quentara Costa, a certified financial planner with Powwow in North Andover, Massachusetts, says a strong basis for setting any goal is to make sure it’s “SMART”


Which ways to achieve your financial –

Realizing that you should have financial goals isn’t enough to confirm you have the right ones. It’s moreover important that the goals you set are helpful. They need to encourage you, cause you to manipulate your behaviour, and keep you concentrated on fulfilling them.

Your financial goals should be (mostly) in this rule:

Build an emergency fund
Determine your earnings and expenses
Plan for retirement.
The short-term and long-term financial goal

Build  an emergency fund

Keeping an emergency fund can come in helpful for the unexpected difficulties which are frequently come up in life. This fund enables you to enclose the cost of most of these expenses without having to go into debt. It can be a big money saver over the period. Mostly having six months worth of living expenses on hand is a minimum amount for an emergency fund. You can make the method a lot simpler by automating your savings. Or you can have money from each paycheck automatically sent to a different account you won’t touch.

Determine your earnings and expenses 
You should be creat and a strategy to track your income and costs. You can’t begin to make financial changes without knowing your present financial habit. You might consider an occasional expense, or change bad choices.

Plan for retirement
No matter how old you are, If you permanently want to stop working, you need to have savings, you’ll use for your living expenses. So saving for retirement should be a preference. And you need to start now. The younger you are. You have more time to watch that money grow. It’s essential to allocate as much as an early plan for your retirement savings.

Short term and long term financial goal just like every calorie is not similar, the technique towards obtaining every financial goal will not be the same. It is important to bifurcate goals in the short term and long term. Short term financial goals may take under one to two year. Like it’s may involve taking a vacation, buying new household things, paying off a specific debt.

Any longer duration goals (over five years)are to be assessed as a long term goal. Generally, it takes many years to achieve. Example it might include buying a new house, car, child education, or retirement.

This analysis of goals will help you choose the right decision for your savings plan.
So hopefully, you are ready to get start your new financial goals plan the rest of 2020. Here are all of the tips that help you to set them. And guess what is the most complicated fraction!

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Coronavirus:how should our life after lockdown

Severe changes to our habits have impel us to alter our social patterns and re-evaluate our relationships – the effects of which could continue into our lives after lockdown.
We already know that lockdown is already relaxed in Bangladesh. Here are 18 health regulations that must be followed to cope with the coronavirus.

1.According to the World Health Organization, seventy percent corona prevent keys of the hand washing. So when you go out, take a small soap or sanitizer with 70 percent alcohol. Keep some tissue paper or a clean handkerchief. If you have a chance wash your hands with soap and water. If not, use a sanitizer.

2. Masks have a 20 percent role in preventing corona. Therefore, It is  mandatory to wearing a mask when leave your home. Similarly, wearing a mask in the office.Select a triple layer mask and also a quite large size.However, if you have difficulty in heat.

3. Don’t hang mask under your chin. Mask will not work if your nose and mouth aren’t cover together. After returning home, wash the cotton cloth mask with soapy water and dry it.

4. Practice walking without getting on public transport as much as possible at this moment. Use a rickshaw or bicycle if necessary. When you leave home try to wear full sleeve shirt, T-shirt or Punjabi.

5. Try to maintain a distance.It’s best to keep a distance of more than 6 feet. Or at least 3 feet. Also be careful when using elevators and ATM booths.
6. It is better to have glasses. If not, wear sunglasses.Because even with the eyes, germs can be enter.

7. Wear gloves if you need to touch money. When wearing a gloves, mouth and nose touch tendency is comparatively less. Moreover, after wearing gloves reduces the direct connection of your hand to hand.

8. Regularly wash your sandals or shoes. Try to wear socks with shoes even if it hurts in the heat. Wear at least thin cotton socks.

9. Don’t use jewelry when you want to going outside. Because germs can stay on the metal for around five days. So It’s better to men’s not use watches, rings and belts. If you use money and wallet, clean your hands quickly with hand sanitizer.If you need to go out, leave your mobile at home, in case it’s not necessary . Don’t kiss and hugging children and adults when you back home.

10. Keep your own cup in the office. Wash in soapy water and drink tea or coffee in that cup. You can also spray Dettol, Savlon or Bleaching Powder mixed water for disinfectant on suspicious places inside and outside in the office and home.

11. Take the tiffin from home. Otherwise, eat fruits that have to be peeled. Occasionally you can eat packet biscuits or nuts. Open the packet, clean it and pour it in the wash dish, then wash your hands and eat.

12. From street or sidewalk eating food will not be okay at this time.

13. Take off your shoes and enter the room. It is better to have more than one pair of shoes. Wash shoes in soapy water, or spray disinfectant on feet and shoes, after that enter indoor. Then go straight to the bathroom, wash clothes, glasses in soapy-hot water, clean the mobile and wallet by soaking sanitizer in cotton, and wash yourself thoroughly with soap, shampoo and light hot water.

14. It’s better not to let workmen or other guests come to the house now.
15) We have to pay attention to healthy eating and drinking. Eat more vegetables and fruits which is rich in vitamins B and C. It’s better to take some medicines every day to increase immunity. Such as: Vitamin C (Tab Ceevit), Vitamin D (Cap D Rise 20000/40000 unit), Zinc (Tab Xinc) etc. Of course consult with a doctor.

16. Drink enough water. In this time don’t drink cold or freeze water. Drink warm water in the morning and at night before going to bed. Mixed vinegar or salt in hot water then Stir a few times with it .You can drink tea with ginger, black pepper, cloves more than once a day. You can also drink green tea. Its antioxidants reduce pneumonia and increase its effectiveness.

17. Light sunlight is very important. If you go for a walk in the morning, you can do exercise and also getting sun.

18. Must remember- eating nutritious easy-to-digest food, doing light exercise every day and seven to eight hours relatively good sleep, the immune system is just great.

Last words: Since the corona community infection has already started in Bangladesh, there is a risk of a massive increase in corona patients in Bangladesh in June. Therefore, there is no alternative for raising personal awareness to ensure the safety of oneself and one’s family.

Besides, people of every religion should follow their own religious rules. Muslims must perform various prayers every morning and evening, including Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, Ayatul Kursi, Surah Baqara and the last two verses of Surah Tawba, the last three verses of Surah Hashr. May the great Almighty Lord help us all.

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Coronavirus: How to restart yourself productively

Almost the whole world is going through a pandemic Coronavirus explosion at this time. Normal life is almost in danger. The whole nation is under lockdown as per state rules. Approximately all people practice social distancing, how to work from home, self-distancing and so on.
In this state of captivity, we all are more or less terrified, anxious. But you need to take this time positively and restart yourself. if you want you can make this time a little normal by doing some of the following  principles

1. Mental health: During this COVID 19 period our social timeline is almost overflowed by much heartbreaking news. That’s why our mental health is taken so many stress. So don’t ignore your mental condition. Tell yourself positive things. Start practice yoga. It increases your mental health, inner knowledge, peaceful feeling, metabolism and so on.

2. Gain new skills: It’s a competitive positioning world. In this pandemic, you have a lot of time. So this is the high time to bring your inner talent and improve your self. It could be something like you wanted to learn and find your interest. For precedent painting, writing, photography etc.

3. Learn to cook:Cooking is an art and also it’s a trend. So you can try to be as a good chef. Firstly you can start with a simple recipe. And next try to which is some kind of difficult. I also trying to learn cooking. You can take advantage of YouTube. We know that youtube is the best master always.

4. Learn a book:  Unfortunately earlier period we passed one kind of busy time. So we couldn’t read our favourite books despite the desire. Also, cultivate a reading habit its one kind of integrity. So in this break, you can read your favourite books and progress your knowledge. At this time a good book also can be your best companion.

5. Plan your next travel: List your favourite places where you like to go in future. Although we don’t know when it will happen. But at least imagine how it could be or what you want to see. For YouTube, Google helps you more.

6. Write a dairy: You can write a diary about your quarantine days. This days like a memory if you think about after this pandemic. Nowadays many organizations arrange a competition of about “How to passing a quarantine days”. You can also take part.

7. Listen to music: we have so many memories from our childhood. You can listen to music from your younger years. Music gives you hope, relax and peaceful mind.

8. Do some funny work:  Try to create some fun artwork. Design your every day with your funny paintwork and hung on the wall. Its help you to find your previous days in your own work.

9. Gardening: Do you have to wish to be an expert gardener? Then this is the best time for you. Start from today. Gardening is a new skill. You have a lot to learn from there.

10. Stay active: Quarantine not a synonym for hibernation. So can’t have an excuse for your workout. Fitness is the most important part of human life. So go for jogging, running and also you can do indoor work. Do something exceptional to get your body moving.

Don’t get me wrong. separateness is not entertainment.Socializing becomes difficult, business hours are becoming short. Stay active and stay productive. Don’t let the fear of a virus stop you from working.