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Coronavirus: How to restart yourself productively

Almost the whole world is going through a pandemic Coronavirus explosion at this time. Normal life is almost in danger. The whole nation is under lockdown as per state rules. Approximately all people practice social distancing, how to work from home, self-distancing and so on.
In this state of captivity, we all are more or less terrified, anxious. But you need to take this time positively and restart yourself. if you want you can make this time a little normal by doing some of the following  principles

1. Mental health: During this COVID 19 period our social timeline is almost overflowed by much heartbreaking news. That’s why our mental health is taken so many stress. So don’t ignore your mental condition. Tell yourself positive things. Start practice yoga. It increases your mental health, inner knowledge, peaceful feeling, metabolism and so on.

2. Gain new skills: It’s a competitive positioning world. In this pandemic, you have a lot of time. So this is the high time to bring your inner talent and improve your self. It could be something like you wanted to learn and find your interest. For precedent painting, writing, photography etc.

3. Learn to cook:Cooking is an art and also it’s a trend. So you can try to be as a good chef. Firstly you can start with a simple recipe. And next try to which is some kind of difficult. I also trying to learn cooking. You can take advantage of YouTube. We know that youtube is the best master always.

4. Learn a book:  Unfortunately earlier period we passed one kind of busy time. So we couldn’t read our favourite books despite the desire. Also, cultivate a reading habit its one kind of integrity. So in this break, you can read your favourite books and progress your knowledge. At this time a good book also can be your best companion.

5. Plan your next travel: List your favourite places where you like to go in future. Although we don’t know when it will happen. But at least imagine how it could be or what you want to see. For YouTube, Google helps you more.

6. Write a dairy: You can write a diary about your quarantine days. This days like a memory if you think about after this pandemic. Nowadays many organizations arrange a competition of about “How to passing a quarantine days”. You can also take part.

7. Listen to music: we have so many memories from our childhood. You can listen to music from your younger years. Music gives you hope, relax and peaceful mind.

8. Do some funny work:  Try to create some fun artwork. Design your every day with your funny paintwork and hung on the wall. Its help you to find your previous days in your own work.

9. Gardening: Do you have to wish to be an expert gardener? Then this is the best time for you. Start from today. Gardening is a new skill. You have a lot to learn from there.

10. Stay active: Quarantine not a synonym for hibernation. So can’t have an excuse for your workout. Fitness is the most important part of human life. So go for jogging, running and also you can do indoor work. Do something exceptional to get your body moving.

Don’t get me wrong. separateness is not entertainment.Socializing becomes difficult, business hours are becoming short. Stay active and stay productive. Don’t let the fear of a virus stop you from working.

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